Yes, It’s Really That Simple

#culturecounts #customerservice #holidaygiving #positiveworkculture #randomactsofkindness #workpositive Dec 24, 2023

You’ve read story after story of random acts of kindness. The person at the drive-thru window who pays for the coffee of the person behind them, who then pays for the coffee of the next person, and so on for up to 27 customers. The same type of generosity occurs at traffic toll booths.

You’ve held the door of a retail store for a physically challenged person to wheel in. You’ve arrived at a fast-food counter simultaneously with another parent and motioned her ahead of you, remembering what it’s like to eat out with an 18-month old.

You’ve let someone over into your lane of traffic…at least once, right? (Okay, maybe not that one.)

There is so much positive goodness in the world, particularly as we realize that while we design and do the most positive work culture possible, more than anything else we receive it. So we serve others, knowing that what goes around comes around, that you reap what you sow, and yet primarily motivated by an internal attitude of gratitude for how work redefines our meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

It’s as we serve one another out of the abundance of our redefined work that the negative world becomes more positive. Like a rising tide, all the ships around us are lifted up and together, we live out of our common hope to redefine reality and fulfill our collective dreams. I celebrate with you as you fulfill your work dreams and you celebrate with me as I succeed. That which was impossible appears before us and becomes possible. We achieve greatness together.

We discover such greatness as we serve each other. We realize the positive truth that “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

Service brings sustenance. Why? The universe was created to support it—what goes around, comes around; you reap what you sow.

Receiving such service is a natural byproduct of how our positive work cultures enlarge our perceptions, converge more resources for our conceiving, strengthen our beliefs, and create more achievements.

At this time of year as the world slows down for a few minutes, join me in creating a little more peace on earth and good will to all people as we Work Positive.

Will you please…

…smile at a stranger?

…drop a check in a red bucket?

…call someone who may be alone?

…hand-write a thank you note to a favorite customer?

…go see someone in the hospital?

Yes, it’s really that simple to Work Positive even in a negative world.

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