What work conversations do you hear:

  • positive and productive?

  • or, negative and toxic?


Ever walk up on a Kevin conversation?

You know Kevin, right?

Sure, the name may be different. But the conversation is the same.

It sounds something like:
Did you hear what I did? I . . . and then there’s this long list of alleged accomplishments.

And then there’s, You didn’t know how to do that? Oh I already knew that years ago. Kevin really does know everything.

What about, She’s such a loser. How many of her failures can the boss put up with? It’s always someone else’s fault, right?

The blame game shows up with, My work could be so much better if the company would hire some people who actually want to work.

And you can always count on Kevin saying, You’ve just got to do what I did. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps!

Recognize any of those?

Sure you do.

It’s how work is talked about when the company culture is negative, toxic; poisoned.

I call it Kevin Culture.

Kevin is the poster child for negative work cultures everywhere.

And negative work cultures are everywhere.

Just ask the millions of people who swapped negative cultures during The Great Resignation. Now they’re members of The Great Regret club.

Kevin and his minions are everywhere. They belong to that species of employees known as suckus negativeus, more commonly referred to as Eeyore Vampires.

They are Eeyores because everyone else’s ideas never work. They’re dumb. Impossible. Because they aren’t his.

They are Vampires because they suck the lifeblood—time with family and friends—out of everyone including you. Maybe especially you because in HR you’re the dumping ground for all of Kevin’s garbage. How do you deposit trust in teams when he withdraws so much?

And watch out when Kevin is a manager. Manager Kevin is the reason the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey finds that 54% of employees resign.

And two-thirds of those remaining who still work around Kevin are seriously considering leaving.

Kevin Culture sucks.

Especially in work conversations.

Your company’s work culture determines how you talk about work.

So how can you transform work conversations?

I mean, you do want something else to talk about, right?

How can you give yourself and your co-workers Something to Talk About that’s positive?

I got tired of negative work conversations dominated by Kevin Culture. 

So I did something about it...

I’m Dr. Joey Faucette.

As a culture architect, executive coach and best-selling author, I've worked with executives, managers, and teams to discover five conversation transformations that give you Something to Talk About that builds a positive work culture.

Then I designed a mini-course to share with you and everyone else who’s as tired as I am of hearing Kevin and his “blah-blah-blah” negative work conversations. Who wants to give Kevin and everyone else Something to Talk About that transforms the company culture to Work Positive.

The name of this mini-course is Something to Talk About.

You discover how to transform Kevin conversations into Something to Talk About that creates a work culture that counts:

  • people because every person matters.
  • productivity because performance matters.
  • profits because money matters.

A Something to Talk About company culture that:

  • attracts top talent
  • reduces team turnover, and;
  • increases productivity and profitability

A Something to Talk About culture that Works Positive.

Each module in the Something to Talk About mini-course translates Kevin-speak into Positive-speak.

Here’s what you get in the

Something to Talk About mini-course:


I did it becomes We did it

  • Celebrate the death of The Ego Economy
  • Capitalize on the new We Economy
  • Check your ego at the door and collaborate now

I already know that becomes
Please show me how.

  • Discover how to innovate and create so you don’t disintegrate and die
  • Deal with the tsunami of change and make it your competitive advantage
  • Determine that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you must leave

I’m a failure becomes Let us try again.

  • Learn why “I’m a failure” belongs in the distant memory of the Ego Economy
  • Look at failure as an experience, instead of a person
  • Leverage “try” as an open door to repeated efforts, each one that brings you closer to the desired result

My work will be better when… becomes Let’s do what we can today.

  • Identify what’s “Beyond My Control”
  • Take action on what you can do today
  • Understand why there is no tomorrow in the We Economy

I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps becomes We wear loafers.

  • Why boots are too slow for today’s work culture
  • How to know when you’re more resistant to change than you admit
  • Why your teams must pulse to innovate and create

Create a Kevin-free conversation culture

  • Attract top talent
  • Reduce team turnover, and;
  • Create a positive work culture that increases productivity and profits.

Give everyone in your company Something to Talk About that makes culture count:

  • People because every person matters.
  • Productivity because performance matters.
  • Profits because money matters.

I’m committed to you having Something to Talk About that’s so unKevin you transform work conversations.

I'm so committed I'm giving you this mini-course FREE!

That's right, FREE!


My friends tell me I'm a crazy. That I should sell this mini-course for several hundred dollars because of the amazing content. It's high value.

And you know what? They're right.

I am crazy.

Crazy about coaching you to get started transforming your company's Kevin culture to Work Positive.

Yes, the Something to Talk About mini-course gets you started. You'll be ready to remove the training wheels and go faster when you finish it.

For now, just pedal, keep your head up and eyes straight ahead. Look forward to the day Kevin culture is a distant memory; far behind you.

It's that day, the day your co-workers say, "I like working here with you!" that motivates me to give you the Something to Talk About mini-course FREE!

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