What’s Your Productivity Trigger?

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My Grandfather told me stories of getting up at 4:30 a.m. to bring in the wood, put it in the cook stove, and light the fire so his mother could prepare breakfast. A sister gathered eggs in the dark. A brother cut pork in the smoke house prepared months earlier. The flour ground from their corn was in a sack to make the biscuits with fresh milk from their cows. Sure they had a lot to do every morning, but if they wanted to eat, this is what they did.

Your biggest morning task is to decide whether to stop by Starbucks or grab a protein bar or shake for breakfast. That leaves you an abundance of time to do other things on your to-do list that are important, right?


Struggling to finish your to-do list?

How do you focus on what’s most important daily?

Find your productivity trigger.

I found mine as I stood at a family member’s open grave. He was young and his death unexpected. My mind flooded with all the times I wished I had called him just to say “Hi!,” the birthday cards I didn’t send and “just because” notes left unwritten as I stood there.

I cried.

I decided that I wasn’t crying for him, but for me. For the lost opportunities—words left unsaid; deeds left undone.

Then a beautiful dragonfly flew over the grave, his iridescent wings glittering in the summer sun. More joined him and I remembered that most dragonflies live only about a month.

As I stood there at that open grave, staring at dragonflies, I asked myself, “If I only had a month to live, what would I do?”

Watching the sandy soil cover his casket, dragonflies flitting about, I decided to do better. I now say all the words, some to people I haven’t spoken with in 40 years. I now do for others rather than wait until later. I define success by my clients’ metrics.

I pay attention to what is important. I focus on and filter for positive thoughts. I cooperate and collaborate with other positive people. There are no Eeyore Vampires on our teams. I believe and imagine the best in opportunities, while my accountability partners sniff out the trail of my ego and redirect me as necessary. I pay attention to what’s important, which leads me to achieve a Work Positive culture. I share my discoveries with you.

So what’s your productivity trigger?

Discover yours by asking these four questions:

Who do you work for? Someone more important than your employer?

Why do you work? To pay bills or buy yourself time to do what you love with those you love?

How do you work? Is it a job, a career, or a calling?

Where does your motivation come from?

Answer these four questions and find your productivity trigger so you Work Positive.


What’s your productivity trigger? Discover yours with Dr. Joey Faucette, Executive Coach, best-selling author, and Positive Culture Architect.

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