What Upsets You at Work?

anger management at work upset at work work culture work positive work upset Oct 08, 2023

It’s college football season. That means some ranked teams lose that are expected to win. They get upset and by teams that are unranked. 

Teams win that aren’t supposed to win.

Upsets happen at work, too. You lose when you thought you were going to win.

What upsets you at work?

Here are three positive culture strategies to help you deal better with your work upsets.

Manage Expectations
There’s a fine line between focusing on positive outcomes, believing you will make them happen and expecting to win every one.

The first core practice of a Work Positive culture is to Perceive the positive at work, i.e., focus on positive outcomes each morning for your calendared experiences. The third core practice is to Believe the positive at work, i.e., emotionally engage with your imagination to innovate and create positive outcomes.

You Perceive and Believe daily.

Yet do you win every time?

Maybe you do, but I certainly don’t.

Most of us don’t.

Manage your expectations reasonably. When your score doesn’t add up, learn what you can. Then move forward. Avoid getting upset. Adjust your expectations.

Mark Milestones
When football coaches take over a program, they develop it. Some more quickly than others like Deion Sanders and Colorado.

They improve the DNA of recruiting, team meetings, etc. to prepare for progress. When they win a game no one expects them to, they mark the milestone as progress on the path to success.

Categorize your wins. A contract sells. A product markets well in beta testing. A team member delivers results.

Mark your wins as milestones. See them as giant leaps worthy of recognition.

Even when your overall record sucks, avoid feeling upset. Mark a win as a milestone of progress. Celebrate it!

Make Work Fun
Morale falls quickly when you work in Upset Mode. Productivity pivots and falls. Profitability trips downward, too.

The sky can’t fall every day.

Make work fun. Lighten up.

Every team member craves recognition and reward. Give it in fun ways. Be a little goofy occasionally. Ham it up.

Manage expectations. You’ll win more times, but not every time even when you Work Positive. Celebrate every opportunity you get.

Mark milestones. Celebrate the wins others regard as little that you see as huge progress.

Make work fun. Relax a little. Celebrate the sky held for another day. 😊

Your work culture grows more positive daily as you do. And your people, productivity and profits grow, too!

What upsets you about work? Develop a positive work culture instead with these 3 strategies from Dr. Joey Faucette, Executive Coach, best-selling author, and Positive Culture Architect.

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