S.W.A.P. Your Resolution to Work Positive

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How’s your New Year’s resolution working out?

Willpower tapping out?


How would you like to S.W.A.P. your resolution for something more successful? Something that builds a more positive work culture?

Think of S.W.A.P. as an acronym and keep your New Year’s resolution using these three proven, personal culture transformation tactics:


Resolutions fail because you lack a positive, consistent connection with your desire to change. Willpower only takes you so far.

How do you motivate yourself daily for success so your personal and work culture grows more positive? So your personal productivity and company profits increase?

The S in S.W.A.P. is for Song.

Select a theme song for 2024. Music motivates emotionally and mentally. The combination of sound and silence touches something deep within you where your desire for development emerges. Listen to it often enough and you associate the music with the motivation. Pretty soon, it’s an earworm you hear everywhere!

Watch the YouTube video every morning as you start your day. Sing along a lot of mornings, too. The dogs won’t howl…long. The person or people you live will just have to shut the door or turn up their own tune!

Select a Song for 2024. Listen to it every morning. Grow your own positive culture that motivates you for work success.


Resolutions fail because you miss a positive, consistent connection with a thought to replace negative ones. How do you react the first time in 2024 you eat a candy bar? Or, take a drink of alcohol? Or, criticize a co-worker? Or, whatever behavior you’re attempting to replace?

Do you get down on yourself and follow Anxious Alice down the rabbit hole of negativity?

The W in S.W.A.P. is for Word. Pick a theme word for 2024. Choose one that captures where you want to be in December. Make sure it’s a word that serves as a springboard to transform your negative thoughts to positive ones.

My word for 2024 is “peace.” When an experience or person (including myself) comes up short of my expectations, I say “peace” which reminds me to take a breath, relax into the moment, and get still enough to emotionally govern myself.

That’s how my 3-year-old granddaughter does it. She says, “Pops, I need to take a minute” when she gets upset or frustrated. She walks off into a room by herself and stays there until her thoughts clear and she feels better, ready to play again.

That’s my picture of “peace,” my word for 2024.

W is for Word. Pick your word for 2024. Say it to yourself out loud often especially when you need to take a minute.

AP-Action Plan

Resolutions fail because you state your intended resolution divorced from an action plan.

The AP in S.W.A.P. is for Action Plan.

It’s essential for your personal and work culture transformation to occur.

Let’s say you want to halve the team turnover ratio. What is the current number?

What best practices will you enact to reach that number?

Who will you invite to join you? How will you best connect with them?

What days of the week and hours of those days are best to have a meaningful conversation with team members?

The more specific your plan, the more likely you are to act on it. Your brain abhors the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It seeks closure between the two. Specificity drives your mind’s urgency because the picture of the gap is clear.

Ready to S.W.A.P. your resolution for the behavior transformation you desire?

Create your own personal positive culture and enjoy the transformation at work.

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