3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Productivity

increase productivity and profits work culture Aug 06, 2023

What one word best describes what these three scenarios share?
      Many states have passed a “no texting while driving” law.
      The gallery is quiet while a golfer putts.
      You are overwhelmed at work.

So what’s your one word?

How about focus?

Texting diverts your attention from driving and you wreck.
Noise distracts a golfer’s attention.
You try to do all of your work tasks at once and only do a small portion of it well.

So how do you turbocharge your focus for greater productivity?

Here are 3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Productivity:

Put your smartphone in the desk drawer.
Yes, you can.

A regional account manager for a major beverage distributor described a recent training session which began with their leader asking them to pick up an empty, wallet-sized box with a lid from the table at the rear of the room and return to their places. He then requested that they cut off their smartphones, place them in the box, and put them on the table. “Yes,” he said, “what we’re talking about today is that important.”

The leader knew that your smartphone is “productivitas interruptus” of the highest order. On average, users pay attention to their smartphone about 150 times per workday. It takes you at least 10, some studies suggest 20, minutes to return in the same mental flow to your previous task.

Schedule a couple of times per workday to consult your smartphone. Leave it in your desk on “mute” or DND for all other times.

You finish faster and more accurately…and yes, that text, update or tweet will wait.

Focus on the task.

Lean forward and look the person in the eye.
Ever play the game of wandering eyes across the desk? The one where the person with whom you’re trying to talk has eyes that wander to the computer monitor, to the caller id, out the door or window?

How much is he really listening?

Instead, close the door and focus.

Lean forward. Look the person in the eye. Deeply listen. Collaborate. Feedback what you hear.

You get more done, faster, and more accurately than “wandering eyes.”

Focus on the person.

Play positive music.
Your brain responds to music in amazing ways.

Mindlin, Durousseau, and Cardillo wrote, “Your Playlist Can Change Your Life” about their discovery of 10 ways your favorite music can revolutionize many things including your productivity.

Listen to your playlist of positive music in the background or on headphones. Your mind achieves a laser-focus which rivets your productivity.

Focus with music.

Focus with greater productivity when you put your smartphone in the desk drawer, lean forward and look the person in the eye, and play positive music as you Work Positive.

How do you improve your focus with greater productivity at work? Here are 3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Productivity from Dr. Joey Faucette, Positive Culture Architect, Executive Coach, and best-selling author.

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