3 Ways to Stand Out at Work

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Nearly all of the trees on our farm had dropped their leaves one fall except for one maple tree. This one maple tree held on to its leaves like a kid hanging on to his blanket when Mom says it has to be washed.  

The other trees were gray and looked like sticks. This last maple tree put on a show of color, its green leaves turned yellow, then orange, and red against the mundane backdrop of the woods.

A botanist would say the maple tree’s combination of rainfall, nutrients and sunlight determined its leaf dropping.

For me that tree was unique.

Is your work like this maple tree, uniquely displaying your exceptional qualities in a negative work world?

Or, do you blindly follow the mundane crowd and join the chorus of negativity?

Here are three areas of your work in which you can stand out and display your best, maple tree characteristics:


Balancing work relationships with tasks is a matter of priorities. Your job exists because of relationships. Yet it exists to do something for and with people.

Wherever you lean on the fulcrum of priorities, make sure you create a healthy balance.

How will you know when you’re in balance?

Write down your ideal priorities and keep them in front of you. Think of this list as a mirror to reflect your priorities for evaluation.

Core Values

The people with whom you work know your core values without you ever stating them formally. Your job performance displays them every day in every way.

Are customers greeted warmly on the phone? As they walk through the door?

Do you speak truth when negotiating?

Can your teammates count on you?

Make a list of your core values. Read that list often, preferably every morning, to remind yourself, “This is who I am and how I work.” Share the list with others to build accountability. 

Unique Contribution

That maple tree stood beside other trees in a forest. Odds are there are other businesses in your market that do what you do or something similar.

What is the unique contribution your work makes that causes it to stand out in the company forest in which your customers walk around?

How do you what you do in a manner that attracts positive people instead of Eeyore Vampires?

What one word would your teammates use to describe your work?

Work unique.

Avoid the herd mentality.

Create a positive work culture as you:

  •       Write down your ideal priorities and keep them in front of you.
  •       Make a list of your core values. Read that list every morning.
  •       Work unique and avoid the herd mentality.

Stand out at work as you Work Positive!

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