3 Ways to Make Time to Read

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I write books. Short books of less than 100 pages nowadays.

Why such short books?

A #LinkedIn connection says it best: “Thanks for writing short books with such great content, because I DON’T HAVE TIME to sit down and read a long book.”

“I don’t have time” are four of the deadliest words ever said.

Perception is reality, right?

One day my connection will have time, because the way they’ve worked won’t work. They’ll have more time than money, and wonder what to do next. They’ll miss opportunities to discover new ideas, new strategies, and new ways to work in a rapidly changing world BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T READ much at all.

Today you have more ways to read a book quickly, more inexpensively than in the history of humanity. The printing press is now pixelated. For less than the cost of a kid’s meal, you step into the world of exciting ideas that can grow people and profits so you have more time.

“Oh the places you will go!” (Dr. Seuss)

Here are 3 Ways to Make Time to Read a book and create a positive work culture:

Listen to a Book

Most books are now available as audiobooks. Audible, iTunes, and others have audiobooks.

Think of your vehicle as a mobile university. Redeem the windshield time of commuting or business travel with cutting edge ideas and best culture practices. Or, walk the dog and your mind simultaneously.

A listener to my narration of Work Positive in a Negative World: Team Edition emailed to say, “It’s like having you sitting beside me, telling me stories and encouraging me!”

Audiobooks get personal very quickly when the author narrates.

Look at an App

Download the Kindle app to your phone or tablet and read instead of watching #IGreels during lunch. Avoid the ever-interrupting Facebook ads and choose another app.

I consume at least one book every other week. I like to highlight portions and then export them to review key concepts later. That saves me from the deathtrap of memorizing while I read. My learning gets reinforced. My reading speeds up.

Learn in Minutes

When you spend about 15 minutes a day reading, you’ll read approximately 20 books in a year. The right idea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to the company bottom line.

Learning is better behavior.

The work world changes daily at an exponential digital speed. Riding the wave of change all the way to the bank is far easier surfing when you’re a thought leader who gives best ideas and practices for very little investment.

Books offer one of the best ROIs you’ll ever enjoy.

Listen to a book. Look at your book on an app. Learn for just 15 minutes a day.

Make the time to read a book, short or long.

It’s one more way to grow people and profits as you Work Positive.

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