3 Ways to Do More of What You Love with Those You Love

#culturecounts #humanresources #positiveworkculture #shrm #workaholism #worklifebalance #workpositive May 05, 2024

I spoke and coached at a conference for an association of business owners about how to create a Work Positive culture.

One guy seemed particularly interested. He owns numerous businesses, from a local community paper to a cleaning business. He’s truly an entrepreneur.

The first night we met was over dinner with the Board of Directors of this association. His phone blew up during the meal.

As the weekend went on, we spent some time together and the conversation turned to family.

The longer he talked, the more apparent it became that he wanted to enjoy them more, but had created an unmanageable schedule. Our conversation turned to how to enjoy more time doing what he loved with those he loved; to lead his companies instead of managing them.

Here are the 3 Ways we talked about to do more of what you love with those you love:

Reorganize Teams
His phone kept binging at the Board dinner because of one of his cleaning guys. He only had the owner to call for help.

I asked him how much he estimated his time was worth. Turns out he’s about a $500 an hour guy.

I asked, “How much would you pay someone to train and manage this guy?”

“$20 an hour,” he said.

“And how many cleaners could this person manage?” I said.

“A lot more than I am currently,” he replied.

The light came on. The teams for managing are reorganizing even now for maximum profitability and more family time.

Recognize There Are Seasons
He asked me, “Did you travel when your daughters were home?”

“Not so much,” I responded. “I restricted my travel because there are a lot of great speakers and coaches. Our daughter who is a phenomenal author had only one Daddy to take her to receive her first-place awards. Our younger daughter who is a fantastic runner had only one Daddy to watch her become the district mile champion. That was job one for me at that season of our family’s life.”

“But you travel now because they’re grown…” he said.

The light came on again. His Job 1 description rewrote in nanoseconds.

There are seasons in your work life. Recognize where you are. Respond accordingly.

Redeem Yourself at Special Moments
“I’ve missed a lot,” he said.

“But there’s still time,” I reassured him. “You know those special moments? Those times when only you can be you for your family? Be there and redeem yourself. Make some memories.”

The light came on and this time it was blinding. He left the conference early.

And went home.

Our follow-up coaching conversations revealed a new manager for the cleaning company, a description of his current season with a restructuring for maximum family presence, and targeted experiences for redeeming his role as the only husband to his wife and Daddy to his children.

You can join him.

Reorganize teams. Recognize seasons. Redeem yourself at special moments.

Create a company culture in which people are valued more than position.

Restore the humanity of work and do more of what you love with those you love.

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