3 Smart Starts to Your Morning

how to win the rat race positive morning habits productivity profitability smart start to begin the day work positive Aug 27, 2023

I watched a track meet and listened as the announcers analyzed most of the shorter races by talking about the runner’s start. “She got off to a great start” or “He had a lot of ground to make up from a poor start.” Most of us focus on who crosses the finish line when. Yet the start is critical to the runner’s success.

Your work day is like a race. Your start charts your day’s successful finish.

Here are 3 smart starts to guarantee you win the work race in a Work Positive culture today:

Get Up on Time
Do you ever really catch up from a late start? Nope, you just feel rushed all day, incomplete, like you never quite reached the finish on time.

Get up on time and start your day smart. It’s easier when you go to bed the night before on time. Turn off the TV and put your smartphone down at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Your brain still binges the Netflix series, IG feed, and the new Jack Ryan episodes long after you shut them down.

You’ll be amazed by how going to bed 10 minutes earlier and waking up 10 minutes earlier create a smart start to your day.

Eat Good Stuff
You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Lose weight by cutting out between-meal snacks and eat a healthy breakfast of fruit with oatmeal or yogurt. But wait. There’s more!

Feed your mind good stuff, too. Leave your email for the office. Choose some positive nutrition for your brain first thing. Play your favorite upbeat, positive song. Read a positive blog. Meditate on your affirmation list. Visualize positive outcomes to your calendar for the day. Stick something positive into your head and grow smart throughout the day.

Avoid Morning TV Shows
You simply must avoid dampening your mind’s hopes and desires with morning TV to Work Positive daily. The latest lie told by a politician about his rival on the other side of the aisle is an empty calorie diet that makes you mentally fat and dumbs you down. How many times do you really need to see the smoldering remains of a crashed airliner in one hour? And do you really care which Hollywood stars are divorcing? As if they’ll call you for a date now that they’re free?

You deserve better. Choose better.

Avoid morning TV shows.

Besides, how will a morning TV show help you run faster in your positive work culture race? Or, satisfy a customer by solving a problem? Or, other bottom-line enhancing activities?

Leave the TV remote hidden in the sofa.

Want to win the work culture race today?

Start smart every morning.

Get up on time.

Eat good stuff.

Avoid morning TV shows.

Finish the work race well as you Work Positive.

What can you do to win the work culture race today? Check out these 3 Smart Starts to Your Morning from Dr. Joey Faucette, Positive Culture Architect, Executive Coach, and best-selling author.

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