3 Smart Recipes for a Positive Work Culture

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I really enjoy feeding birds on our farm. The problem is that squirrels love bird seed, too.

I waged war on the bird-seed-stealing squirrels one winter. I borrowed an air rifle and looked for the squirrels as I walked by our bay window. I even put our younger daughter on alert—“Let me know if you see a squirrel on our bird feeder.”

That is, until one day she said, “Daddy, we used to look out the window for pretty birds. Now we look for ugly squirrels.”

It’s easy to stop looking for the beautiful qualities of your work, to cease listening for the lovely songs of the cash register cha-ching or the relieved look on a customer’s face when you solve a problem; to miss the brilliant colors of the relationships you enjoy with team and clients alike.

You see what you look for. Transform your work tastes with these three smart recipes for a positive work culture so your work grows positively delicious.

The “Abstain from Negative Conversations” Tossed Salad

Conversations are like a salad—lots of diverse words tossed up, covered with some dressings of opinions. Choose your conversations carefully whether on the phone or in the hallway. Listen actively to taste test the dressing. Redirect quickly when the conversation spirals downward into bitter negativity. Attempt to reframe—“Yes, and yet…”—if the redirect is ineffective. Remove yourself with “I must go” if the redirect or reframe fails.

Words are prime ingredients in how you perceive reality. How do you feel after hanging up from a negative conversation? Positive tastes energize you. Negative words are bitter.

Deal with conversations quickly. Taste test. Then ask yourself, “How does this taste—positive or negative?” and act accordingly.

The “Allow for Interruptions” Casserole

You’re goal-focused with a prioritized list for the day’s activity. It’s all baked together, to hopefully create a nutritional entrée that’s more flavorful than any single ingredient. That’s great—focus on the positive and do those things that increase company profits effectively.

Also, allow for interruptions which happen regardless. A customer appears suddenly with a situation for resolution. A client calls in with an opportunity for more work.

It’s easy to get frustrated when interruptions burst on your taste buds. Your attitude can get sideways quickly. Such a reaction prevents you from feeding smart recipes to your work.

Instead, anticipate interruptions. Deal with them positively, quickly, and effectively. Determine if resolution is possible in a matter of minutes. If so, do it. If not, promise to get back with the person and get your Work Positive dream team on it.

Then return to your schedule with a renewed interest sustained by your expectation of interruptions.

The “Access Positive News/Information” Dessert

When you watch and listen to news, it’s somewhat like dessert, i.e., an ending to your day. Yet the taste is usually anything except sweet. You mindlessly spoon empty calories into your brain. You abdicate your editorial license to someone with a negative agenda. “Push” media shove their negative spin into your mental mindset.

Instead choose to “pull” media where you are the queen/king of content. Proactively choose what to read or watch and allow into the theater of your mind. Choose when to stop reading or follow links for more. Diversify the viewpoints. Focus on information you can use to your positive work advantage.

These three smart recipes feed your work culture a delicious meal so you Work Positive.

What’s your recipe for a positive work culture? Cook up these 3 Smart Recipes for a Positive Work Culture from Dr. Joey Faucette, Positive Culture Architect, Executive Coach, and best-selling author.

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