3 Signs You’re Positively Engaged at Work

employee engagement work engagement work positive work satisfaction Aug 20, 2023

“How do you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing for work?” the college student asked me.

A middle-aged guy and I had the same discussion recently as he transitions careers.

The answer lies in your gut; what you “Believe” about your work, the third core practice of a Work Positive culture.

Ask yourself: “What am I looking for at work?”

Answer from your gut.

Then filter your response through these 3 Signs You’re Positively Engaged at Work:

You Look Forward
When you’re positively engaged at work, you look forward to the morning.

What’s that? You’re not a morning person? All the more reason that this sign means you’re positively engaged at work.

You get out of bed looking for something—“I wonder what will happen today?”

You avoid that internal conversation of “Come on now. You gotta go to work. You’ve got bills to pay.”

You look forward to the morning with curiosity and expectation for what positive experiences you’ll have. (Even if it takes you three shots of espresso to get up!)

You Look Up
The next sign you’re positively engaged at work is when you regularly look up and the day is about done. Suddenly the clock reads, 2:16PM, and you think, “Really? I’ve worked 5 hours? Seems more like 2…”

Of course the rate at which time flies or crawls is totally determined by your perception.

Lack engagement? Five o’clock takes forever to arrive, just like Christmas did when you were a kid. You’re packed up, desk clean, and ready to go by 4:30.

Positively engaged? You look up and suddenly the day is almost done.

You’re in The Flow, that sweet spot of productivity and purpose that rewards you with that satisfying sense of “I get paid to do this?”

You look up and are amazed by how quickly the day passes.

You Look Around
The third sign you’re positively engaged at work is when you look around at the team you’re with…and smile. 

You know John is positively engaged with his work, also, because he smiles back. You think about his Dad who is ill and you remind yourself to ask next time you talk.

You know Amy is positively engaged with her work, too, because she smiles back on the Zoom call even though she’s tired of being pregnant and yet committed to helping the team finishes the big project before her due date.

When you look around at the team with a smile, with empathy and gratitude for the privilege of working with them, you’re positively engaged with your work.

So look forward, look up, and look around to positively engage and create a Work Positive culture that attracts top talent and reduces team turnover today!

How do you know when you’re engaged at work? Here are 3 Signs You’re Positively Engaged at Work from Dr. Joey Faucette, Positive Culture Architect, Executive Coach, and best-selling author.

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