3 Positive Ways to Deal with the Negative World

#culturecounts #humanresources #positiveworkculture #shrm #workpositive Apr 07, 2024

Cargo ships crash into bridges.

Shootings invade our “safe” schools.

And as if this weren’t enough, it’s an election year.

This kind of overwhelming negativity spirals us downward, creating despairing attitudes and dismal spirits.

It affects your work, making you less productive.

You miss sales goals.

You disregard project deadlines.

Your work sucks.

Your culture wanders aimlessly as your mind chases 24/7 news cycles down the rabbit hole into darkness.

How do you reverse course and get back on track with a positive work culture?

Here are 3 Positive Ways to Deal with the Negative World:

Find the Positive

The typical news providers are in business to monetize negativity. Their mantra is, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

The list of news providers who betray our trust in their reliable reporting by not only inaccurately stating information as factual, but defending it only grows longer. And yet we still watch and listen.

In the midst of every tragedy, there are positive acts of human kindness.

The Good News Network reported from Watertown, MA that when everyone was ordered to stay indoors during the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, one family asked if they could go get milk for their 16 month-old son. A policeman said, “No, those are the rules.”

Later, he returned to their home with two gallons of milk.

Find something, anything positive to claw your attitude out of the negative dark-holes.

Yes, deal with the reality of the negative situation. Then find positive displays of goodness.

You see what you look for.

Focus on the Positive

Once you find a positive act in the midst of the negative world, focus on it.

One of the best ways to focus on a positive act is to share it. Social media provides the best antidotes to the effects of negative news monetizers.

Post your positive find. Share it with others and multiply the attitude improvement. Your friends “like” and share. Your followers “favorite.”.

You see what they did which focuses you even more on the positive act.

Focus on the positive and increase your productivity and improve your attitude.

Finish Positive

Once you find and focus on something positive, you’re ready to finish positive.

Give a donation to a relief agency. Befriend someone from another country. Relieve suffering someway, somehow. Act in a positive manner.

Do something positive. The reward you receive from giving gets you back on track to fostering a positive work culture which includes serving others.

Find, focus, and finish positive even in a negative world.

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