3 Keys to Positive Productivity Today

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Is it more difficult for you to work productively these days?

There’s a lot going on that shapes your work culture. The long shadow of the pandemic still influences our behavior with negative consequences.

Achieving your work dreams in a negative world is challenging. Uncontrollable negatives assault us daily.

So how do you productively achieve your work dreams today?

Here are 3 Keys to Positive Productivity Today:

Give Attention to Positive Thoughts

As you consume negative news, acknowledge your emotional reaction. 

Disappointment: “Really? Again?”

Anger: “Can’t somebody do something about this?” 

Frustration: “I am so over this.”

These and other emotions beg to be processed to avoid stagnating your emotional intelligence development.

Do it quickly. This garbage won’t smell better over time.

Sure, give yourself a little time to experience these emotions.

Then, flush them.

Yes, sometimes multiple flushes are required.

Do it and move on. Now.

You must create room in your mind for what you can do to redirect. Focus on what you can control and influence, refusing to rent space in your head to what is beyond your reach.

Give attention to positive thoughts on which you act.

Give Attention to Positive People

When you receive negative news, there typically is a messenger. If it’s technology-driven, cut it off. If it’s human, thank them and excuse yourself.

There are negative persons who enjoy delivering bad news. Their opening salvos are something like:

“Did you hear about . . . “

“That’s what she told me . . . “

“Can you believe he did that?”

You know who they are. 

They create negativity when there’s too much good news.

I call them Eeyore Vampires.

Their mantra is “It’ll never work.” 

They suck your positive attention when you’re not at work and trying to do what you love with those you love.

Treat Eeyore Vampires like they have a contagious disease.

They do.

And you’ll catch it.

Give your attention to positive people. Those persons who bring out the best in you, who have your best interest at heart; who ask questions like, “How may I best serve you?” 

Give Attention to Positive Outcomes

Everyone experiences adversity that produces outcomes which fall short

It happens regardless of how hard you work and prepare.

When it does, remind yourself of a previous experience when you exceeded your expectations amd succeeded.

Celebrate that experience once more. Give attention to sustaining that celebrative attitude.

Tell yourself, “Since I did it once, I can do it again.”

Most likely, that positive experience was the accumulation of previous learning experiences of “bad news” like the current one. Reliving that success guides you to the next.

Choose to direct your attention to positive thoughts, people, and outcomes today.

That’s the way to achieve your work dreams today!

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