Your company has managers.

Are they Kevins?

Or, are they managers that coach?

One of your fellow managers is a Kevin.

Now his name may be different.

But you know him when you see him. Or, her, right?

It’s all about him.

Every. Single. Day.

Kevin only cares about what his team can do to further his career. To make him look good to his boss . . . who happens to be your boss, too, right?

He doesn’t give a hoot about his team—how engaged they are at work, their career paths, if they need a mental health day.

The only thing that matters to Kevin is Kevin.

Since Kevin is your fellow manager, you’re guilty by association.

That’s right, when others think of you, they think of Kevin.

They assume since you and Kevin are both managers, you’re like Kevin.


Top down.


What’s that?

That’s not fair. You’re nothing like Kevin.


What about when Kevin sucks up to your boss, bragging about what his team did under his expert leadership?

You don’t get a little jealous of Kevin?

You don’t step up and say something like, “Well Boss, let me tell what MY team did!”?

Or, in your next team meeting, do you hear yourself say:

“You will meet this goal and I don’t care if you have to work all weekend!”

“Whose bright idea was it to try that strategy?”

“What do you mean you don’t know? It’s your job to know!”

The struggle is real.

Kevin Culture is contagious

How do you become the UnKevin Manager?


You see, Kevin and his devotees belong to that species of managers known as suckus negativeus, more commonly referred to as Eeyore Vampires.

Kevin and his tribe are Eeyores because they know better than everyone else.

Your idea will never work. It’s stupid. Because it’s not his idea.

Kevin and his tribe are Vampires because they suck your lifeblood—time with family and friends. Kevin and his clan drain your heart and stomp around in your head when you’re not working.

The truth is Kevin sucks as a manager.

Kevin Culture sucks every team’s productivity and the company’s profits down.

What are you supposed to do about Kevin Culture?

How are you supposed to separate yourself from Kevin’s tribe so you’re no longer a manager who’s guilty of negativity by association?

What CAN you do to become The UnKevin Manager?

You can fight.

But is there ever enough holy water or garlic to eradicate Kevin Culture and his Eeyore Vampire managers?

You can resign. Join the ranks of The Great Resignation.

A lot of good that’ll do.

The Great Resignation led to The Great Regret.

Kevin Culture and his Eeyore Vampire managers already infiltrated the next company.

So what CAN you do?

You deserve better than managing in Kevin Culture.

You deserve to manage in a culture that counts:

  • people because every person matters.
  • productivity because performance matters.
  • profits because money matters.

You deserve a positive work culture that:

  • attracts top talent
  • reduces team turnover, and;
  • increases productivity and profitability.

You deserve to become The UnKevin Manager.

And you CAN!

But how?

And what is an UnKevin manager anyway?

We’ll talk about how in a minute.

Let’s talk about what an UnKevin Manager is right now.

First, The UnKevin Manager collaborates instead of commands.

She sees her team as highly skilled, gifted and motivated persons who want to work from their strengths and passions connected to the company mission.

He is secure enough in who he is to ask his team, “What do you think?” and “What can we do?”

Second, The UnKevin Manager coaches instead of competes.

He views his team as “the experts” in their chosen specialties. His role is to ask powerful questions that create their new awareness about work projects. Then he helps them align actions and build in accountability so they succeed.

She actively listens to and maintains a coaching presence with her team regardless of how much stress Kevin Culture puts on her. She focuses on the positive outcomes they all want and filters out the competitive culture Kevin fosters.

Third, The UnKevin Manager constantly develops new skills instead of consistently repeating past mistakes.

She knows leaders are readers. She prompts her team to recommend new books. She shares what she’s reading and her take-aways and insights.

He creates a forgiveness culture in which everyone makes new mistakes faster on the path to more innovation and greater creativity. New skill development is encouraged daily. Try something new. Learn from it. Move forward.

Now you know what The UnKevin Manager does.

You are The UnKevin Manager at your core, right?

But how?

How do you create a culture that counts:

  • people because every person matters.
  • productivity because performance matters.
  • profits because money matters.

How do you:

  • attract top talent
  • reduce team turnover, and;
  • create a positive work culture that increases productivity and profitability

How do you become The UnKevin Manager?

I wish I had known how earlier in my career.

I wish I had a blueprint years ago.

But there wasn’t one.

Until now.

I’m Dr. Joey Faucette…

…culture architect and coach, best-selling author, and creator of The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program.

Along with my co-creator, Jane Creswell who founded the IBM Coaches Network…

…we know Kevin personally. A lot of them.

In fact, for a time, we were Kevins.

It’s not something we’re proud of. And frankly, today we have a hard time imagining we were ever like Kevin. But we were.

That’s right, we were bitten by Kevin Culture and his Eeyore Vampire managers. We competed for resources with other managers. We drove our teams to inefficiencies. We pushed ourselves and others to unproductivity. We lost money for the company.

And we did it all for two reasons:

  1. it was easier to go along to get along, and;
  2. we didn’t know a better way.

Sound familiar?

Of course they do.

We all seek acceptance.

We all just do what we know to do.

Jane and I transformed with some help from our friends in the coaching community. People who invested in us, who helped us grow and add skills to our strengths.

Gifted mentors who saw within us everything we needed to become UnKevin Managers.

Our transformation poured the foundation of The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program.

You now have what we didn’t.

The blueprint to become The UnKevin Manager.

We built this foundation over the many decades we’ve coached managers just like you to transform their culture. We learned from them, too. So much so that today we’re regarded as positive work culture architects.

So what if I told you there’s a growing tribe of UnKevin Managers who will accept you unconditionally?

And invest in you so you grow and add skills to your strengths?

That there are gifted mentors to help you become The UnKevin Manager you’re destined to be?

The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program helps you lead better than Kevin ever can.

You can coach and manage for a positive work culture that increases productivity and company profits.

The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program is a six-month intensive in which you join the Work Positive Manager Coach Community and develop the necessary skillsets required to be The UnKevin Manager your team so desperately wants.

The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program.

First, you invest two months discovering how to create your own personal positive work culture with The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program.

You get:

  • over 50 videos detailing how you can take control of your personal work culture.
  • membership in the Work Positive Community where you learn how others battling Kevin Culture move forward week over week.
  • daily habits you can start immediately that stop you from renting head space to Kevin.
  • the three secret weapons that transform the polarity of Kevin Culture today PLUS a two-step backup plan.
  • the ONE THING you must do NOW to reverse the negative effects of Kevin Culture so your company attracts top talent and reduces team turnover.
  • the SINGLE TACTIC you can do IMMEDIATELY that breaks the Kevin Culture death grip on your productivity and the company’s profits.
  • the ONLY WAY to completely NEUTRALIZE Kevin Culture once and for all!

All of these great strategies and tactics in The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program are available to you 24/7, 365 days a year for you to do at home in your pajamas where hopefully you’re safe from the bite of Kevin Culture.

Both months you join a live Q&A session with Jane and I in which we answer your questions about the how-to’s of creating a positive work culture based on our experiences of coaching hundreds of companies to do what you’re doing—transforming Kevin Culture into a Work Positive culture.

You receive all of this in 7 Modules that coach you in how to create a positive work culture that counts and:



  • Expect Kevin Culture to attack your company culture.
  • Engage Kevin Culture with one powerful question that reverses the negative into positive.
  • Endure Kevin Culture with new stamina to persevere.


  • Resource team members to focus on positive thoughts rather than the negative ones perpetuated by Kevin Culture.
  • Release team members to stop repeating with Kevin, “We’ve never done it that way before” and instead say, “Let’s roll!”
  • Respond to team members with tactics they can use to filter Kevin Culture and clean out negative mindtraps.


  • Deal with Kevin and his Eeyore Vampires without becoming one yourself.
  • Douse the compare/compete, ego-driven “drama” fires
  • Discover how to create and collaborate on Work Positive Dream Teams


  • Redefine work and attract top talent.
  • Realign company purpose and employee passion to reduce team turnover.
  • Reinvigorate a Work Positive culture that innovates


  • Prioritize who and what gets attention.
  • Put attention in alignment with company and employee intentions.
  • Put the new and improved priorities into action now to enjoy more time with family and friends


  • Establish a culture of gratitude for work well done.
  • Engage customers and clients through service that builds better, more trusting relationships.
  • Express care for your employees as “whole people.”


  • Appreciate team members because every person counts
  • Activate productivity because performance counts
  • Accelerate profits because professional development counts.

Second, you invest two more months in the first six modules of Work Positive Manager Coach Training. Here you discover:

You get:

  • 12 videos detailing the specifics of how you transform to The UnKevin Manager role.
  • all of the activities and downloads that give you immediate access to everything you need to know about how to begin coaching today.
  • the one model you need to coach your team for BETTER RESULTS starting NOW!
  • the single superpower you already possess that GUARANTEES your team will leap over Kevin Culture problems IMMEDIATELY!
  • *the secret to your UnKevin Manager success that is as close as your breath.

Both months you join a live Q&A session with Jane and I in which we answer your questions about the how-to’s of coaching for results as a manager. You have complete access to our decades of experience with hundreds of companies who are now led by UnKevin Managers.

These six modules coach you in:

Module 1

Understanding Coaching

  • you aren’t a counselor or consultant
  • you get better results
  • you are ethical
Module 2

A Basic Coaching Model

  • you understand how to coach from the Work Positive hourglass model
  • your team member is the expert, not you
  • you fold coaching into your everyday activities
Module 3

Listening and Encouragement

  • leverage active listening for massive team outcomes
  • express yourself better in every conversation you have.
  • encourage your team members in ways that boost their productivity.
Module 4

Asking Powerful Questions

  • get the one key skill you need to manage and coach with excellence.
  • collect your personal “starter set” of powerful questions.
  • unleash your team’s vast potential for success immediately
Module 5

Creating Awareness

  • discover how your team members can answer than your own questions without bothering you.
  • find out how to listen for the one learning moment in every coaching conversation.
  • build your team’s confidence in their own abilities for peak performance.
Module 6

Strong Starts

  • get the proven blueprint for your initial coaching conversation
  • focus on getting best results from every coaching session
  • learn how “hallway coaching” happens best and often.

Third, you invest two final months in live sessions on Zoom.

You discover in month one in 1.5-hour live sessions:

  • when to manage and when to coach

>> how you insure work gets done right
>> how you coach to increase team productivity and company profits
>> how you know when to do which.

  • how to build trust as a Work Positive Manager Coach

>> trust is the currency of change you must deposit to innovate fast today
>> trust is the bedrock of team relationships on which you build success
>> trust is what creates team members who will run through a wall for you.

  • understanding and developing a culture of positive change

>> embracing change is your team’s competitive advantage
>> engaging change insures your team is fully engaged in work.
>> employing change provides the security your team needs to make new 

  • growing and coaching for a Work Positive culture.

>> you create a culture where your best team members invite their friends to come work with them.
>> you have a waiting list of future employees
>> your culture counts people, productivity, and profits.

You get in month two:

  • coaching skills practice

>> real-time skill development in a safe environment
>> expert feedback from International Coach Federation (ICF)-certified coaches with decades of experience.
>> personalized consultation so you coach with excellence.

  • observation and collaboration for skills development

>> you observe other managers coach and learn how to level-up your skills.
>> you ask specific coaching questions and get specific answers.
>> you collaborate with other UnKevin Manager Coaches for strategies that work with your team.

  • life-long relationships for creating a Work Positive Manager Coach MasterMind group.

>> accountability keeps you on-course.
>> life-long learning with Manager Coaches you like.
>> avoid isolation in the struggle to keep Kevin Culture at bay.

I'm committed to your escaping Kevin Culture and discovering how to be an UnKevin Manager through The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes for you to invest. I’m offering you two gifts that immediately increase the value of your investment.


First, you get my best-seller, Work Positive in a Negative World: Team Edition. This book is the introduction to the blueprint I discovered on my way to becoming a culture architect and coach, helping individuals and companies transform Kevin Culture to Work Positive.

Along with the book, you receive these bonuses:

  • Work Positive Checklist – a simple checklist that coaches you to attract top talent and reduce team turnover and step away from Kevin Culture.
  • Work Positive Cheat Sheet – use this easy-to-follow guide to implement the habit-sets of the Work Positive framework.
  • Work Positive Grab & Go Inspirations – quick read positive thoughts to start your day in the best mindset to ward off Kevin Culture.
  • Work Positive Affirmations – begin each day the Work Positive way. Listen as Dr. Joey shares positive affirmations that repel the negative effects of Kevin Culture and his dreaded Eeyore Vampire Managers.

Second, I’m offering you another course, Something to Talk About.

We spend 70% of our waking hours at work in Kevin Culture. We’re going to talk about something. Instead of talking about Kevin Culture, let’s transform our conversations and talk about the We Economy.

This mini-course coaches you to understand what’s going on in Kevin Culture and how you best move forward into the We Economy. Just like with The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program, you’re in an online community of friends escaping Kevin Culture and creating a personal positive work culture and conversation style. You talk with them. You learn from them. You give each other Something to Talk About that’s positive.

Aren’t you tired of your team assuming you’re like Kevin?


  • people because every person matters.
  • productivity because performance matters.
  • profits because money matters.

You CAN TRANSFORM Kevin Culture so your company:

  • attracts top talent
  • reduces team turnover, and;
  • increases productivity and profitability

Join The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program NOW.

Click below to start IMMEDIATELY!

Yes, I want to manage and coach as The UnKevin starting today!
No, I want to keep managing like Kevin.

PS: If you and at least six other managers from your company who are stuck in Kevin Culture want to escape together, click here and talk to our team about how you can enjoy your own private cohort for Work Positive Manager Coach Training.

PSS: The Work Positive Manager Coach Training Program comes with my personal guarantee that if for any reason you want a full refund after completing the first three months of the six-month investment, it’s yours. No questions asked. No guilt trip. Just every dollar back. All the risk is on me. You have nothing to lose—except Kevin’s grip on you—and everything to gain. I look forward to seeing you in the Work Positive Community online!