We hear it everywhere.

You do, too.

Maybe you even say it. Or some variation of it.

"We've got more work than we can get done, but we can't find people who want to work."

You're not alone.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 47.8 million workers quit their jobs last year. That's an average of about 4 million employees each month.

This is the highest reported number of Americans quitting work EVER.

How will your company find the right people to work?

New Hires Reach a New Record

Do You Have a Positive or Toxic Work Culture?

March of 2022 had the 11th straight month of record new hires. There were more than 4,000,000 new hires each month - a sustained record.

At least some of these workers quitting aren't just staying home. They are applying for and getting new jobs. But their tenure is often very short.

One of the primary reasons people leave is a toxic work culture.

MITSloan Management Review reports that a toxic work culture is 10.4 times more powerful than compensation in predicting a company's employee turnover rate.

A March 2022 Pew Research study showed that 46% of people quit their jobs because they felt disrespected at work.

Gallup discovered that 57% of American workers left a job because of their manager while an additional 32% are seriously considering leaving for the same reason.

A toxic work culture makes it nearly impossible for your company to attract top talent and reduce team turnover.

So how's your work culture? Positive or toxic?

Don't just take your own word for it. 

Ask the last three people who left.

Or, ask three current team members.

Are you hesitant to ask?

You're not alone.

We get the same answer from many companies in different industries.

How much does a toxic work culture cost you?

Recent Gallup surveys found that 85% of American workers are disengaged.

How do you calculate the opportunity cost lost from that lack of productivity?

Gallup also found that ignoring your company's culture may lead to a 33% decrease in operating income and an 11% decrease in earnings growth.

Furthermore, they discovered that a toxic work culture creates a 48% turnover rate, which can cost up to 2.5x a person's salary.

Do the math.

How long can you keep losing cash like this?

Your Company’s Culture Matters

Does your company have more work than it can handle?

Can you find the right people to do the work?

It's about more than just finding people to do the work

It's about your company's work culture.

There is a better way to attract top talent and reduce team turnover.

Create a positive work culture to increase team productivity and profits.

At Work Positive, we have decades of experience coaching small businesses with 200-500 employees to create a positive work culture.

We help you create a winning Work Positive culture through:

  • Executive, 1-2-1 certified coaching
  • Group and team-certified coaching
  • Online courses that include:
    • the strategies and tactics of a winning Work Positive culture
    • training for your managers to create a winning Work Positive culture

We coach small businesses that:

  • want to attract top talent
  • desire to reduce team turnover
  • invest in leadership training
  • are performance driven, and;
  • care about your team members.

Who We Are

Dr. Joey Faucette

An executive coach, culture architect, and host of the Work Positive podcast. His best-selling book, Work Positive in a Negative World: Team Edition, is the manifesto for developing your positive work culture.
He has spoken to thousands of people within companies and associations annually for decades.

Dr.Joey is a prolific writer of over 1,000 articles that have appeared on the websites of Fox News, CNBC, Wall Street Journal Market Watch, MSNBC, Entreprenur.com, and countless others.

His content reaches people in more than fifty countries.

He and his wife have two adult daughters and son-in-laws, the most brilliant and beautiful granddaughter ever born, four grand-dogs, and enjoy living on Pleasant Gap Farm with their two cats, horse, and Maggie Mae the yellow Lab.

Jane Creswell

An innovator and leader in corporate coaching. She leveraged 17 years of product development and management experience at IBM to invent the role of "Organization Coach" as the founder of IBM Coaches Network. At IBM, she focused her organization on achieving extraordinary results by individual coaching of leaders at all levels.

Jane employs those experiences to help small businesses establish a long-term, self-sustaining system of internal coaching and reap the benefits of a positive work culture. She has coached in large companies like SAS Institute, Oracle, and CIsco Systems, also.

She and her husband have two adult sons, 2 grand-dogs, and a cat, Itzy.

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