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Attract Top Talent and Reduce Team Turnover

Work Positive in a Negative World, Team Edition coaches managers and their teams to create a positive work culture that increases productivity and profits.

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Work Positive: Team Edition helps you transform and make your culture count.

Dr. Joey Faucette discovered that while owners and executives can shape a work environment, it’s the managers and their teams who best create a positive culture.

Work Positive in a Negative World, Team Edition coaches those on the front lines to increase team productivity and company profitability.

Written in a story-driven style that unpacks the five core practices of a Work Positive culture in an easy-to-access way, Dr. Joey shares what he’s learned since his previous best-seller that managers and team members can implement starting today.

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Work Positive Checklist

A simple checklist that coaches you to attract top talent and reduce team turnover and step away from Kevin Culture.

Work Positive Cheat Sheet

Use this easy-to-follow guide to implement the habit-sets of the Work Positive framework.

Work Positive Grab & Go Inspirations

Quick-read positive thoughts to start your day in the best mindset to ward off Kevin Culture.

Work Positive Affirmations

Begin each day the Work Positive way. Listen as Dr. Joey shares positive affirmations that repel the negative effects of Kevin Culture and preps your mind to make culture count.

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Meet Dr. Joey Faucette

An executive coach, culture architect, and host of the Work Positive podcast. His best-selling book, Work Positive in a Negative World: Team Edition, is the manifesto for developing your positive work culture.
He has spoken to thousands of people within companies and associations annually for decades.

Dr.Joey is a prolific writer of over 1,000 articles that have appeared on the websites of Fox News, CNBC, Wall Street Journal Market Watch, MSNBC,, and countless others.

His content reaches people in more than fifty countries.

He and his wife have two adult daughters and son-in-laws, the most brilliant and beautiful granddaughter ever born, four grand-dogs, and enjoy living on Pleasant Gap Farm with their two cats, horse, and Maggie Mae the yellow Lab.

Work Positve in a Negative World

Team Edition

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The Something to Talk About mini-course coaches you to transform your work conversations:

  • Module 1: “I did it” becomes “We did it”
  • Module 2: “I already know that” becomes “Please show me how.”
  • Module 3: “I’m a failure” becomes “Let us try again.”
  • Module 4: “My work will be better when…” becomes “Let’s do what we can today.”
  • Module 5: “I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps” becomes “We wear loafers.”
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