Your company has a culture.

Is it a Kevin culture?

Or, a culture that counts?

I bet you have a Kevin at work.

His name may be different.

But I bet you’ve got a Kevin.

It’s all about him.

Every. Single. Day.

Kevin only cares about what furthers his career; makes him look good to his boss.

He doesn’t give a hoot about your work—how engaged team members are, the career paths you set up for them, when they need a mental health day.

The only thing that matters to Kevin is Kevin.

That’s why he yells when asked a question.

That’s why he blames others when deadlines are missed.

That’s why he fired the last three people who asked for time off, giving you migraines because he didn’t document anything or follow procedure.

Kevin is the reason the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey finds that 54% of employees resign. And two-thirds of those remaining who still work around Kevin are seriously considering leaving.

You hope it is, but your company is no different.

Who hired Kevin anyway?



Your company has a culture.

Is it a Kevin Culture?

Or, is it a culture that counts?

  • counts people because every person matters.
  • counts productivity because performance matters.
  • counts profits because money matters.

Sure, you want a culture that counts.

But the ugly truth is you have Kevin Culture . . . and more than one Kevin.

So how are you supposed to create a positive work culture that counts people, productivity, and profits with all of these Kevins around?

Kevin and his minions belong to that species of employees known as suckus negativeus, more commonly referred to as Eeyore Vampires.


They are Eeyores because everyone else’s ideas never work. They’re dumb. Impossible. Because they aren’t his.

They are Vampires because they suck the lifeblood—time with family and friends—out of everyone including you. Maybe especially you because in HR you’re the dumping ground for all of Kevin’s garbage. How do you deposit trust in teams that he withdraws?

Kevin Culture sucks.

So how are you supposed to create a culture that counts out of Kevin Culture?

After all, you’re responsible for resourcing these humans, right?

It’s your job to create a positive work culture that counts people, productivity, and profits, correct?

The better question is: What CAN you do?

Well, you can fight.

But is there ever enough holy water or garlic to eradicate Kevin Culture and his Eeyore Vampire minions?

You can resign.

A lot of good that’ll do.

You’ll just leave the culture worse off than you found it. Team members who hoped you’d be the one to make a positive difference, to transform the culture into one that counts, will just shake their heads. “There goes another one,” they’ll say.

How do you look yourself in the eye the morning after knowing you walked away and Kevin won?

Besides, The Great Resignation just leads to The Great Regret.

You’ll just have to deal with Kevin Culture again in the next company.

Same stuff. Different company.

So what CAN you do?

You and the people you resource deserve better than Kevin Culture.

Video Poster Image

I deserved better, too.

I’m Dr. Joey Faucette, culture architect and coach, best-selling author, and creator of The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program.

I know Kevin personally.

I worked for him early in my career. Yea, it sucked, but I didn’t know how to make culture count. I thought I was at Kevin’s mercy. I had to work to support my family and there was no clear-cut path to follow.

I needed a blueprint, a proven method of transforming Kevin Culture into a positive work culture that attracts top talent and reduces team turnover. A positive work culture that increases productivity and profits. A culture that counts.
I needed someone like you to help me, to coach me.

That company didn’t have a person like you who wants to make culture count.
I got so fed up with Kevin

Culture that I did the only thing I could think of.

I resigned.

I decided that wandering around in the work wilderness had to be better than working with Kevin.

So I wandered for a while and achieved some success until The Great Recession hit.

Remember that?

It was awful. It felt like Kevin Culture had won.

Then I remembered something Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said:
“Within every adversity lies the seeds of opportunity.”
This quote became my mantra.

I refused to let Kevin win. I looked for the opportunity in every adversity. I knew that culture had to count for good. I planted seeds.

That’s when I discovered The Great Depression Gurus—leaders who stood down their Kevins and did something amazing: they created positive work cultures that increased productivity and profits in the worst economic conditions ever known. Gurus like Dale Carnegie, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, and a host of others who made culture count.

I decided that if they beat Kevin Culture, I could too.

And would.

So I did.

I researched and analyzed their habits. How did they defeat Kevin and create a culture that counts?

And how could I do what they did?

I discovered the 7 Keys to a
Work Positive Culture.

A culture that:

  • counts people because every person matters.
  • counts productivity because performance matters.
  • counts profits because money matters.

Since then, I’m on a mission to empower all people everywhere to transform

Kevin Culture and lead companies to create positive work cultures which increase productivity and profits.

I created The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program to coach you to transform your company’s culture so it counts.

The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program is the blueprint I searched for when I worked for Kevin. You deserve better in leading your company. And here it is.

Create your company’s positive work culture that counts with The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program and get:

  • over 50 videos detailing how you transform your company’s work culture to one that counts.
  • membership in the Work Positive Community where you learn how other HR professionals battling Kevin Culture move forward week after week.
  • daily habits you can start immediately that stop you from renting head space to Kevin and how you can help your employees do the same.
  • the three secret weapons that transform the polarity of Kevin Culture today PLUS a two-step backup plan.
  • the ONE THING you must do NOW to reverse the negative effects of Kevin Culture so your company attracts top talent and reduces team turnover.
  • the SINGLE TACTIC you can do IMMEDIATELY that breaks the Kevin Culture death grip on your teams’ productivity and the company’s profits.
  • the ONLY WAY to completely NEUTRALIZE Kevin Culture once and for all!

The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program..

features 7 Modules that show you how to unlock ways your company culture can count. You discover how your company best:



  • Expect Kevin Culture to attack your company culture.
  • Engage Kevin Culture with one powerful question that reverses the negative into positive.
  • Endure Kevin Culture with new stamina to persevere.


  • Resource team members to focus on positive thoughts rather than the negative ones perpetuated by Kevin Culture.
  • Release team members to stop repeating with Kevin, “We’ve never done it that way before” and instead say, “Let’s roll!”
  • Respond to team members with tactics they can use to filter Kevin Culture and clean out negative mindtraps.


  • Deal with Kevin and his Eeyore Vampires without becoming one yourself.
  • Douse the compare/compete, ego-driven “drama” fires
  • Discover how to create and collaborate on Work Positive Dream Teams


  • Redefine work and attract top talent.
  • Realign company purpose and employee passion to reduce team turnover.
  • Reinvigorate a Work Positive culture that innovates


  • Prioritize who and what gets attention.
  • Put attention in alignment with company and employee intentions.
  • Put the new and improved priorities into action now to enjoy more time with family and friends


  • Establish a culture of gratitude for work well done.
  • Engage customers and clients through service that builds better, more trusting relationships.
  • Express care for your employees as “whole people.”


  • Appreciate team members because every person counts
  • Activate productivity because performance counts
  • Accelerate profits because professional development counts.

So what will you do?

Will you let Kevin Culture win the war for the heart and soul of your company?

Or, will you choose to lead your company to create a positive work culture that counts with The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program?

I know how hard it is to take that first step away from Kevin Culture. It took every ounce of strength and courage I could muster.

But I didn’t have a blueprint to follow. And I didn’t have an HR leader like you committed to making culture count.

You have an entire coaching program in The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program. Your team leaders and members can join you in a cohort committed to kick Kevin Culture to the curb.

You also have the Work Positive Community online—people just like you escaping from Kevin Culture one day at a time. You learn faster and more effectively with your peers than I ever could! They are there for you, supporting you, and encouraging you as you transform Kevin Culture into a positive work culture that counts.

And I’m right there with you. Sure, in the videos, and also mentor coaching you along the journey away from Kevin Culture to a Work Positive culture that counts. I comment almost daily in the Community.

By now you’re probably wondering how much your investment is to escape Kevin Culture and transform your company culture so it counts as positive.

Deep down you know leaving Kevin Culture behind is priceless. The increased team productivity and company profits are immeasurable. You save 2.5 times one team member’s salary by keeping them onboard.

And how do you start to count the innovation one top talent person brings?

Some of my clients have said they’d quickly invest in The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program again and that I should charge 10x the cost. That’s how grateful they are for the Work Positive blueprint to attract top talent, reduce team turnover and increase productivity and profits.

In fact, some of them go so far as to pay me 1,000x the cost of The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program for executive coaching with themselves and their leadership team to insure their culture counts.

However, I am committed to your escaping Kevin Culture and transforming your culture to Work Positive with The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program. I’m willing to do whatever it takes for you to do so.

I’m offering you two gifts that immediately double the value of your investment.

First, you receive my best-seller, Work Positive in a Negative World: Team Edition.

This book is the introduction to the blueprint I discovered on my way to becoming a culture architect and coach, helping individuals and companies transform Kevin Culture into a culture that counts.

Along with the book, I’ll give you these bonuses:

Work Positive Checklist – a simple checklist that coaches you to attract top talent and reduce team turnover and step away from Kevin Culture.

Work Positive Cheat Sheet – use this easy-to-follow guide to implement the habit-sets of the Work Positive framework.

Work Positive Grab & Go Inspirations – quick-read positive thoughts to start your day in the best mindset to ward off Kevin Culture.

Work Positive Affirmations – begin each day the Work Positive way. Listen as Dr. Joey shares positive affirmations that repel the negative effects of Kevin Culture and preps your mind to make culture count.

Second, I’m offering you another course, Something to Talk About.

We spend 70% of our waking hours at work, some of us stuck in Kevin Culture. We’re going to talk about something. Instead of talking about Kevin Culture, let’s transform our conversations and talk about the We Economy.

This mini-course coaches you to understand what’s going on in Kevin Culture and how you best move forward into the We Economy. Just like with The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program, you’re in an online community of friends escaping Kevin Culture and leading their company to create a positive work culture and conversation style. You talk with them. You learn from them. You give each other Something to Talk About that’s positive.

These 2 gifts more than double the value of your investment in The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program.

You’re tired of working with Kevins.

Make your culture:

  • Count people because every person matters.
  • Count productivity because performance matters.
  • Count profits because money matters.

Transform Kevin Culture and Work Positive starting today with The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program.

Click below to get started NOW!

Yes, I want my company culture to count and Work Positive today!
No, I want to keep working with Kevins.

PS: Invite a team from your company to join you so the company escapes Kevin Culture together. The more of you collaborating, the faster you make your culture count. Click here to get team pricing so all of you can band together to Work Positive asap.

PSS: The 7 Keys to Work Positive Coaching Program comes with my personal guarantee that if for any reason you want a full refund within 90 days of investing, it’s yours. No questions asked. No guilt trip. Just every dollar back. All the risk is on me. You have nothing to lose—except Kevin’s grip on you—and everything to gain. I look forward to mentor coaching you to Work Positive soon!