Scott Agnew

Lead with Authenticity for a Positive Work Culture

Lead with Authenticity for a Positive Work Culture
Scott Agnew
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Scott Agnew

Show Notes

Dr. Joey’s guest, Scott Agnew, is the master of the One Thing. He’s highly regarded as a thought leader in real estate and leadership with over 40 years of experience. He’s passionate about supporting, guiding, and encouraging others to achieve extraordinary results.

Discover how to do YOUR one thing on this episode of the Work Positive Podcast as Scott describes the importance of.

  1. balancing results and team well-being.
  2. self-leadership that prioritizes development and models continuous improvement.
  3. authentic leadership based on a positive mindset.

Reach out to Scott via his website and you can order his book and  Get The FREE Report, “The Top 10 Mistakes That Prevent You From Being A Long-Term Leader,” And Set Out On Your Personal Journey To Become The Leader You've Always Dreamed Of. 



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Scott Agnew

Author | Long-Term Leader

Scott Agnew is a highly regarded thought leader in real estate and personal leadership dynamics. With over 40 years of experience, he has continuously impacted the lives of his associates, clients, and community. As a top-tier business consultant and a member of the exclusive Keller Williams Realty International Master Faculty, Scott excels in teaching, consulting, and coaching the RSTLM process and "the one thing" in business seminars. Passionate about supporting others, he guides and encourages his team to achieve extraordinary results, using his proven long-term leadership strategy for personal and business growth.

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