Nicole L. Turner

Build a Culture that Attracts the Best

Build a Culture that Attracts the Best
Nicole L. Turner
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Nicole L. Turner

Show Notes

Do you ever feel lost at work? Like you’re just one among many? That you’re invisible?
Dr Joey’s guest on this episode of the Work Positive podcast is the Culture Pro, Nicole Turner. She unlocks the secrets to crafting a people-centered work culture where everyone is seen and grows. Nicole also shares her wisdom as a roadmap for creating thriving, people-centered work cultures.

Listen to discover how you:
🌞 celebrate wins and build on positive strengths.
🌞 magnetize top talent and encourage risk-taking.
🌞 leverage failure as a learning opportunity for innovation.

Connect with Nicole:

Email: [email protected]


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Nicole L. Turner

Author | Cracking the Organizational Climate and Culture Code

Nicole L. Turner is the Culture Pro™. Renowned for helping organizations establish people-centered workplaces, she has dedicated her career to crafting environments that prioritize individual growth. With a profound understanding of organizational behavior, Nicole assists companies in navigating complex change initiatives, ensuring optimal success. She boasts graduate degrees in Education and Business, and holds certifications in Human Capital Strategy, Prosci Change Management, and Co-Active Executive Coaching. Nicole has also served as a Diversity Value Index Judge and is an active mentor to business owners at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

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