Juan Betancourt

Leverage Communication for a More Positive Culture

Leverage Communication for a More Positive Culture
Juan Betancourt
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Juan Betancourt

Show Notes

Answer yes or no to this question: Conventional human resource management systems need revolutionizing, or at least some innovation.

Just so you know: 72% of teams say they struggle with communication. One day a week is lost due to poor communication. $12,506 is lost annually per employee due to poor communication.

 “Yes!” is the best answer according to Dr. Joey’s guest on this episode of the Work Positive Podcast. Juan Betancourt said “Yes!” which led him to join Humantelligence as CEO. Juan is revolutionizing productivity, motivation, and employee retention while making it accessible to all. Think of his work as human connection for better collaboration. Companies like Walgreens, United Healthcare, Siemens, and Southwest Airlines have found immense value in his work.

And you can, too. Listen as Dr. Joey and Juan discuss how:

AI tools can help organizations assess candidates' fit based on behaviors and work styles, and enhance the attraction of top talent while building effective teams.

AI can facilitate the understanding of your company’s actual versus desired culture, which allows you to create a more unified and satisfying work experience.

Ensuring human connection is vital even while AI offers efficiency in remote talent acquisition.

Humantelligence company website: https://humantelligence.com/


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Juan Betancourt

CEO | Humantelligence

His experience in human capital advising was developed while a partner at Korn/Ferry International and Heidrick & Struggles. Previously, he had a global career as a general manager (US, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Dubai). He also worked at Siebel Systems (now Oracle) and at Procter & Gamble, in both the US and Latin America. While at Puma, AG, as Chief Marketing Officer & Strategy Officer based in Germany, he was responsible for re-launching the Puma sports brand globally.

Prior to his executive search career, Juan Luis was a senior-level executive in global, world-class retail and consumer companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Reebok, Puma, and Decathlon (part of the Auchan Group). While Head of Strategy & Global Brand Management at Puma in Germany, Juan Luis re-launched the previously bankrupt Puma brand worldwide, helping to re-enter the US market, Latin America, and repositioning the brand across the globe, helping Puma achieve one of the most successful consumer brand turnarounds in the past 20 years. While in the retail industry, Juan was CEO of the US division of Décathlon, the world's largest sports retailer and second-largest sporting goods manufacturer, as well as being a member of the executive operating committee board, directly overseeing global initiatives that impacted retail operations, product ranges, IT, human resources, merchandising, expansion, real estate, logistics and the supply chain for a $15 billion, 70,000 employees global retail group. Juan Luis brings to Humantelligence technology/software experience from his time working in business development alliances for Siebel Systems (now Oracle), early on as Tom Siebel defined and led the CRM (customer relationship management) software revolution. During these 25+ years of experience, Juan Luis has worked for 15 years across Europe (Germany, France) and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico), as well as in the United States.

Juan Luis received an MBA from The Wharton School and an MA in International Management from The Lauder Institute, both from The University of Pennsylvania. He also received a bachelor's degree in economics from Harvard University. Juan Luis is a board member of the Miami Theatre Center (MTC), bringing leading theatre performances, training, and culture to the community of South Florida. He also part of the organization of the Wharton and Harvard Alumni Associations in South Florida.

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