Greg Kettner

Elevate Work Happiness with Humor

Elevate Work Happiness with Humor
Greg Kettner
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Greg Kettner

Show Notes

How happy are you at work? 😀

Yes, you can Work Happy!

Find out how as Dr. Joey interviews Greg Kettner who works happy as a speaker and mental health champion. He helps businesses like Nike, Coca-Cola and Re/Max reduce turnover, boost productivity and create a positive work culture.

So smile just a little and check out these key takeaways for how you can work happy:

🌞 "Work Happy": is powerful! Greg shares his own, inspiring journey transformation of a personal setback into a mission to spread happiness at work

🌞 Mental Health Matters: Discover how to create a work culture where people are comfortable discussing their struggles and grow more productive as a result.

🌞 Hire for Attitude: Train for skills. Hire attitude. Work Happy.

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Greg Kettner

WorkHappy Advocate | Motivational Speaker, and Mental Health Champion

Greg Kettner is a passionate advocate for creating happy and engaged workplaces, promoting mental health awareness, and achieving outstanding results for businesses. With over 27 years of experience, Greg has developed a unique WorkHappy approach that has proven to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and foster a culture of well-being within organizations.

Greg's journey towards becoming a WorkHappy expert began during his successful sales career, where he generated over $12 million in sales for renowned companies like Nike, the Vancouver Canucks, BuildDirect, SAP, and the Vancouver Whitecaps. Throughout his career, Greg recognized the value of creating an environment where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work, contributing to solutions, and prioritizing their mental well-being.

Driven by a personal mission, Greg has actively promoted mental health awareness for the past five years, inspired by the tragic loss of his stepdaughter's father to suicide. He strongly believes in assisting others, promoting open conversations about mental health, and connecting individuals with professionals to help them lead their best lives.

As a high-energy and motivational speaker, Greg has shared the stage with luminaries like Robin Williams, captivating audiences with his Keynote Speech "The Power of Laughter." His interactive and entertaining speaking style leaves a lasting impact on attendees, leaving them inspired and motivated. 

Greg's WorkHappy approach has resonated with prominent businesses like COCA-COLA, RE/MAX, SAP, and many others, achieving outstanding results in employee well-being and revenue growth. His services include creating custom WorkHappy cultures within organizations, providing one-on-one happiness coaching, and delivering corporate entertainment that sparks joy and enthusiasm.

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